Road Department


Our road department consists of one full-time person, one regular part-time person and three as-needed part time people.

Our former Roadmaster David Long, who has been with the Township for over 40 years has retired to part time status and works three days a week at this time.

With Dave Long announcing his retirement, the Township was fortunate to have the opportunity to hire Calvin "Bo" Trovinger. Bo worked as a public works employee at Tinicum Township for over 16 years, is a Councilman in Richlandown Borough and a 26 year veteran volunteer firefighter. His official title is Public Works Director.


RF Shoup, III is our part-time regular Road Foreman. RF has worked for the Township for many years, from being a sub-contracted snow plow to becoming employed on an as needed basis to plow snow with our trucks and help out when needed on larger projects and was brought on as a regular employee in 2015. 

Chris Bauer, has been an employee since 2002 and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer and technology systems support person. He helps on the Road Department when needed and also helps out with building and grounds maintenance and is the elected Tax Collector.

Howard Schorr and Dave Kaiser assist during snow events.



Sometimes people ask us if we maintain their road, some of our roads are maintained by PennDOT and some others are private drives. We have a contract with PennDOT that allows us to take care of snow & ice removal on their roads. This makes sense because we have to travel across their roads to reach Township roads. Roads listed in bold are winter maintained by the Township, except West Thatcher Road which we plow between Old Bethlehem Road and Covered Bridge Drive and PennDOT plows the rest. Below is a list of our roads and who maintains the road.


Haycock Township roads

PennDot roads

Private Drives

Applebachsville Road
Boulder Lane
Camptrail Road
Cedar Lane
Church Road
Churchview Drive
Cider Press Lane
Cobbler Road
Creamery Road
Dogwood Lane
East Thatcher Road
Edgehill Circle
Fox Run Road
Harrisburg School Road
Haycock Run Road
Hickory Lane
Indian Path Court
Kinzler Lane
Lakewood Drive
Magnolia Drive
Mission Road
Oak Lane
Old Bethelehem Road South
Old School Road
Pheasant Run Road
Reed Lane
Roudenbush Road
Roundhouse Road
Top Rock Trail
West Sawmill Road
Woodbine Lane
Woodcock Lane

Apple Road

Covered Bridge Drive

Deerwood Lane

East Sawmill Road

Old Bethlehem Road North

Pullen Station Road

Richlandtown Road

Route 563

Stony Garden Road

Union Road

West Thatcher Road

Apple Rd East of Old Beth.

Ash Lane

Black Birch Lane

Black Walnut Drive

Briarwood Lane

Bridge Way

Buck Run Road

Camptrail Road (part)

Country Lane

Crystal Drive

Hillside Lane

Mt. Airy Drive

Pine Lane

Potters Lane

Strawntown Road